Magne and Fleur

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00OsloBenen 01OsloMagne 02OsloFleur 03Hjerkinn
At Gardermoen, we have great weather. Fleur is thoroughly testing the camera. Magne at Gardermoen Fleur at Gardermoen Hjerkinn railway station, right in the middle of nowhere!
04HjerkinnStua 05WegKwijt 06Waterval 07Keitjes
Hjerkinn Fjellstua is conveniently located next to the train station. We make lunch. It turns out you pay per slice of bread(!) We're off on a great start, spending about half an hour looking for the beginning of our (rather muddy) path. Using our map and compass we found out it had to be somewhere around here. During the first 10 meters of our trip, we lost our expensive anti-mosquito spray. After that we encountered a lot of those. Later, we got to higher ground and this nice waterfall. Up we go! These rocks are not so great for walking on. And yes, that is snow!
08Grimsdal 09Grimsdalshytta 10TrolBovenTrol 11ByeByeGrimsdal
After a drizzly walk we can look at the Grimsdal, our destination. After a steep descent we get coffee from three nice ladies. Grimsdalshytta, the first DNT hut we visit. We found these trolls willing to pose for us. One last look at Grimsdalshytta