Magne and Fleur

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12KEIEN 13Bruggetje 14Pas 15EersteSneeuwInPas
After a long climb, our way down promises to be even harder! Rocks galore.. Some of them are marked with a red T. Across the valley, we will go up again. River crossing per bridge A view from the pass. The icy winds make it extremely cold here! Let's wander slowly through the fields of snow...
16Brrrr 17Jasje 18LaatsteBlik 19DoralDal
COLD! Hey! Isn't that Magne's windproof raincoat? One last view of where we came from And a first view of the valley across the pass. We're getting really hungry and our lunch is long gone. We hope we won't be late for dinner...
20DoralSeter 21Bootje 22Bootje 23Rondvassbu
Doralseter. Food!! This day was really wet, so not many pictures of our walk through Illmanndalen. Together with some Germans we waited for the boat in the remains of a stone cabin. This is a picture of a finger(?) and the boat. We stay in Rondvassbu to dry. This is a better view of the boat. We climb up from Rondvassbu to make a picture and a phone call. The mountaintops are hidden in the mist.